Readers, I must confess to a secret passion for history. Not so much in the study of it, but more so in learning about it: hearing stories, visiting sites, imagining a life lived in the past.

My long-term hobbies of reading, photography, and travel all stem from my interest in history. I have a weak spot for historical fiction (though not so much high fantasy), my best pictures are that of English castles and historic European churches, and my Top 5 Places To Visit all share the common factor that is ‘old’ and has ‘lots of juicy history’.

So, it’s no wonder that I got myself an English Heritage membership.

I pay monthly for a student membership (approximately £50 per year) even though I graduated literally a year ago, and I’ve only used it a handful of times because I spent a few months working in Spain so I wasn’t even in the country to fully appreciate the membership’s beautiful bounty.

Nevertheless, I’m back and it’s the summer holidays – my schedule is free, my budget is flexible enough to accommodate local travel, and my passion for photography is rekindled by the rare summer sunshine.

Keep reading for a list of English Heritage sights in the southeast of England (where I live), and for upcoming blog posts about each place! I’m slowly but surely ticking them all off my imaginary bucket list.

English Heritage Sites and Where to Find Them: A Fun Guide by LiberaTarts

London Area

  • Apsley House
  • Chapter House and Pyx Chamber
  • Chiswick House
  • Coombe Conduit
  • Down House
  • Eltham Palace
  • Harmondsworth Great Barn
  • Jewel Tower
  • Kenwood House
  • London Wall, Tower Hill
  • Marble Hill House
  • Ranger’s House
  • Wellington Arch
  • Winchester Palace

Kent Area

  • Deal Castle
  • Dover Castle
  • Dymchurch Martello Tower
  • Eynsford Castle
  • Faversham Stone Chapel
  • Horne’s Place Chapel
  • Kit’s Coty House
  • Knights Templar Church, Dover
  • Little Kit’s Coty House
  • Lullingstone Roman Villa
  • Maison Dieu, Faversham
  • Milton Chantry, Gravesend
  • Old Soar Manor
  • Reculver Roman Fort and Reculver Towers
  • Richborough Castle and Amphitheatre
  • Rochester Castle
  • St Augustine’s Abbey
  • St Augustine’s Conduit House
  • St Augustine’s Cross
  • St John’s Commandery
  • St Leonard’s Tower
  • Sutton Valence Castle
  • Temple Manor
  • Upnor Castle
  • Walmer Castle
  • Western Heights, Dover

East Sussex Area

  • Bayham Old Abbey
  • Battle Abbey
  • Battle of Hastings Battlefield
  • Camber Castle
  • Pevensey Castle

“To know nothing of what happened before you, is to forever remain a child.”