The Author

I am a twenty-something British-Filipino who has spent the last near decade of her life gearing up for one thing: to study in the UK and graduate with a university degree.

Now that is over and done with, I am in the process figuring out what to do with myself post-graduation. Do I go into full-time work? Do I travel for a little bit? When am I going to invest in some real estate and become a Real Adult™? No one really knows, let alone myself, so… come join me in my blogging journey!

Reflection image of a closed barbershop in rural Japan
The Author, January 2017

The Blog

This blog used to be a dumping ground for what-ifs throughout the four-or-so years of university, but now I am giving it a style overhaul. It was never anything truly interesting before – just a few travel posts, some random Japanese language revision tasks, and a whole lot of disorganisation. Such is my life, in all honesty.

What this blog aims to be is a creative outlet and a comprehensive record of the lifestyle I am searching to have. I will undoubtedly get lost – metaphorically, financially, geographically – but I always find my way in the end.

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The Concept

LiberaTarts is a clever little play-on-words with my university degree (spoiler alert: I studied Liberal Arts at a university in the UK). I half regret it because it’s a reminder of my struggles as a uni student but on the hand, it is also a reminder of how I did not give up.

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