Hot Air Balloons 熱気球 #PhotographFriday

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  1. Hot Air Balloons 熱気球
  2. Autumn 秋
  3. Flowers 花

Summer of 2018, I had an internship at a small digital marketing agency and it drained the life out of me. I wanted a break from the mind-numbingly repetitive nine-to-five schedule, so I booked a weekend getaway to see the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

I’ve always wanted to go to one of these things. The bright colours? The clear skies? The physics magic?? What’s not to love?!

The obvious answer is capitalism. It was a tiny bit annoying that most of the balloons were advertising a business venture or other – I wanted to get away from marketing, not to immerse myself in it again!

Also, Bristol in early August is cold. Having lived in the UK for as long as I have, I should have known to bring something warmer than my raincoat.

I had a fun and glorious time, regardless! Bristol was full of history, culture, and delicious local-style food.

Notes: Today’s #PhotographFriday was taken using a Canon EOS Kiss X7 camera on the 11th of August, 2018 at Ashton Court Estate in Bristol, England.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons 熱気球

  1. Hello there! I’m dropping by from Ann’s blog post, International Blogger Friends. 🙂 I’ve followed you on Bloglovin’ and I’m looking forward to reading more!
    I love your photos, especially how bright and vivid the hot air balloons look like 😮 it was great as well that the skies were so crisp and blue; what a perfect day out! Seems like a really great way to take a break. 🙂

    Anna Jo |


    1. Hello Anna Jo, thanks ever so for stopping by my blog! I’m not that active on Bloglovin’ but it’s great that you find me there (honestly, I don’t quite know what how that place works hahaha).

      Photography is a hobby, though I haven’t had any formal training or even a keen eye for anything uber artistic. Your words mean so much to me!



  2. Wow… the photos look amazing! The hot air balloons look so nice even tho brand logos are printed on them lol. I see that as a trend nowadays though, whenever I go to events there will always be a portion where they massively advertise their sponsors. Great post anyway! 💕

    Ann |


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