Getting to the Airport

I’m no stranger to going to Heathrow Airport.

Last time I was there, I was dropping my mother off for and early morning flight. We thought travelling late at night and arriving after midnight was some kind of genius idea… which it definitely was not. We missed the last Piccadilly Line service to Terminal 4, somehow ended up in Terminal 3, and we had to take the National Express coach because we needed to be in Terminal 4 how come Heathrow was so spread apart??

(Of course, it is spread apart because it is an airport.)

Cafe Nero at Heathrow Airport

Anyway, I know how to get to the airport. That isn’t the problem. The problem is: what is the best way to get from home to the airport, considering that the flight I booked in a panic (there’s a funny story behind this!) is scheduled to leave before noon. Also, I need to consider…

  • that perhaps I’ll be travelling by myself
  • I’ll be lugging around my suitcase, my carry on, and my handbag
  • that London is a hellish place to navigate on a normal day

And so, I am currently considering several options. Most of which take into account that I am university student and so I am broke as hell need to be as economical as possible.

LiberaTarts Plans a Trip to the Airport

Option 1

Take the high speed train to St Pancras, and then the Piccadilly line to Heathrow Airport Terminal 4.

Pros: St Pancras national rail station and Underground have lift facilities

Cons: the Piccadilly Line, during the day that I’ll be needing it, won’t be servicing the airport (tough luck!) which means I’ll have to take the bus

Option 2

Take the train to London Victoria, and then a National Express coach from the nearby coach station to Heathrow Airport Terminal 4.

Pros: this is the much cheaper option, especially with advanced ticket fairs

Cons: advanced ticket fares are only valid after 10am, which means I will miss my flight if I leave on the same day… which means I need to leave the night before… which means it’s another all-nighter at the Terminal 4 Cafe Nero’s.

Option 3

Book a cab.

Pros: I can sleep on the drive to the airport.

Cons: it costs ~£120 for a single trip; who has that kind of money to spend on a cab? Definitely not me.

My verdict

Unless I can find someone who is willing to share the cab fare with me, my best bet for a stress-free journey to the airport will be Option 2. The question now remains… when do I buy the train tickets?

Over to you guys: What’s your preferred way of getting to the airport? Tell me in the comments!

(Note: this post was made in 2016.)